03/ 03/ 2015

My year-long break from shopping: 1 month update

So after filming my video on tips for recovering shopaholics, I figured I should keep you guys posted on my second-ever shopping diet.

As I said in my video, the first few months are the hardest, because that’s when you’re training yourself to resist impulses. And that gets really hard when you come across the first few things you really REALLY want, like these…

This Ted Baker rolling carry-on posted on Fashion for Lunch. I nearly convinced myself I could use this for “work” and thus it wouldn’t be a fashion purchase. But no, I was just playing myself lol:

New Yorkers and sneaker heads will understand this. The Nike Lunarwavy Sky Hi‘s:

And these custom Nike Roshe Runs in python and black leather, which may possibly have broken me if they weren’t unattainable:

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Clean. The all white custom python leather #Nike Roshe by @_calebthomas_

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So how am I getting through this? Basically, every time I see something I like now, I just think back to these few items and ask myself if I’d rather have that thing, or one of these. Usually, I don’t want it as much, and it becomes super easy to just step away when I realize that if I WERE to spend money, it would be on something else. And that just gets easier and easier.

If I DO come across something I want even more, I’ll just add it to this list of will power aids.

I actually clipped the Lunarwavy’s and styled them in Polyvore, just to scratch that itch that comes when us shopaholics spot something we want in our wardrobe–i.e., we immediately start daydreaming about ways we could incorporate and wear them. So though I will never own these, because they will be sold out by the time I come out of my year-long shopping ban, it was kind of therapeutic to be able to style them anyway:

Need these kicks


Need these kicks by hoopshighheels featuring a nail polish

Speaking of therapeutic, even writing this blog post eases the pain a little bit, because storing this little list on my blog adds some relief. Like I found them, and I may not own them, but I’ve bookmarked and shared them. Does that make sense? 🙂 I’ll keep you guys updated as my journey continues…

One response to “My year-long break from shopping: 1 month update”

  1. V says:

    A year is a long time. Good luck!

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