12/ 02/ 2015

Hoops Digest: Feb. 12, 2015

I might make this a regular thing.

  1. Just listen to this.

  2. I’d posted on social media about Bryan Stevenson’s effort to bring more attention to America’s dark history with racial terror and lynching–something which is barely acknowledged in our teachings of history, given how horrific and widespread it was. I’ve admired Stevenson’s work in general for a long time, and this is a brilliant idea. Then I saw this piece today in Jezebel about how Americans like to dance around naming the perpetrators of these historical atrocities, i.e. American white people. It’s a good point. Speaking of which, listen to this David Banner song, “Evil Knievil.”

  3. You can now choose who takes control of your Facebook account when you die. People might think that’s ridiculous, but seeing the uncertainty and turmoil this can turn into when someone passes away, I think it’s a nice option to have. (I chose my brother.) Enabling the legacy contact basically allows someone to approve friend requests and to post things for you, or even download your posts, but doesn’t give them access to your private messages. This begs a bigger question though, that might matter more to some: what should happen to the digital “possessions” we pay for, like our iTunes libraries? Technically, they aren’t actually our possessions because we pay for the rights to play or download them, not to own them, and they are mostly not transferrable. But for the amount of money some of us spend on these products, shouldn’t we have the right to pass them on, the way we could pass on a physical music or movie library? Or should we at least get to pay a discount if we can’t?

  4. I know practically nothing about ballet, except that is an interesting institution in that basically anything that deviates from tradition is automatically cool. Kinda like this. Oh, and also, check out this other cool thing that people can do with their bodies.

  5. And for a dose of irresistible cuteness, this baby who is trying to sleep and eat at the same time:

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