10/ 02/ 2015

What I’m Reading Today: Feb. 10, 2015

Interesting stuff from around the Internet today:

  1. This piece in the Atlantic defending Kanye’s post-Grammys comments about art, respect, and Beyonce not winning best album. Everyone’s hating on it because hating on Kanye’s egomaniacal *ss is the new norm. But people, do you REALLY want to be defending the institution that is the Grammys? Is anything there not truth to what he’s saying? Think about that. I personally thought it was funny how he played like he was gonna take the stage again, but didn’t, and saved his remarks for after the awards in an interview. I am neither a Kanye nor a Beyonce fan girl, but I cannot deny the greatness that was her album this year. And even if you DON’T agree with him, what is wrong with an artist speaking his mind, and criticizing an old institution and status quo?

  2. Alex Abad-Santos at Vox basically lays out all the conversations I’ve been having about Fresh Off The Boat in this piece. Is it the most epic show ever? No. Is it fair to expect it to be? No. It is still great? Yes. Is its very existence, despite Eddie Huang’s own misgivings, a monumental event for Asian Americans? Yes. So in the end, the show is a net positive anyway you slice it. If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re a minority, a first generation American, if you have any experience whatsoever with diversity, I’d say give the show a try. And if you’re an Asian 90s hip hop head, you simply NEED to. PS: I cannot emphasize enough how great Constance Wu is as Jessica.

  3. I’m not totally decided on what I feel about Empire, except that I love Taraji P. Henson in it (and I love her in general) and I find myself looking forward to each new episode. What I will say about this show, is similar to what I’d say about F.O.B.: as much as we crave quality television with a minority cast, it’s unrealistic and unfair to expect that every time we get one it has to be the epic statement of all statements. This show is definitely not that. It is purely, shamelessly, over-the-top theatrics and entertainment. Still, the truth about people of color on TV is that we do not have the privilege yet to have diversity in what we want to see, because we have so few opportunities to see it. You know what I mean? And so, yes, it can make a person cringe when a show that is supposed to represent a whole demographic of people, or an entire genre of music, boils that demographic or genre or industry into broad, overly dramatic, generalizations. This is only the case because there are a lack of alternatives, and diversity. And yet … I like the show. And I like and agree with how Gene Demby explains its appeal in this podcast, too.

  4. This Knicks fan’s letter to James Dolan is not even the best example of Knicks criticism out there. (The video of a Knicks rant that I’m linking below is.) And yet, Dolan’s response is just as disgusting as the team’s management has been. We are sick and tired. We been sick and tired. Knicks fans need an outlet to vent, at the very least. And no, we will never be Brooklyn Nets fans, y’all can go home with that ish. All I can do is SMH.

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