13/ 11/ 2014

In defense of Kim Kardashian

So some of my very intelligent friends, most of whom are better people than I with less free time on their hands to watch and read trash, like to hate on Kim Kardashian. It’s like in some circles, hating on Kim K and writing her off as a frivolous selfie robot should be naturally ingrained the way scientists might scoff at religious fanatics and astrology believers. Now following her nude spread in Paper Magazine, another round of hate has started.

But being the trash connoisseur that I am, I would never judge a reality star on the criticisms of intellectuals. So I actually watched the show between TV seasons this year, and have concluded that Kim K is kinda cool.

The show reveals some really OMG-are-they-really-that-ignorant moments, like when Khloe (one of my favs) can’t name any U.S. presidents before Obama or when Kim goes to Jamaica Ave. dressed like a cross between Barbie and a misguided hood rat. But there were far fewer of these moments than I expected.

Instead, she and most of her family are all kind of charming as a group. (Emphasis on group because anyone in that family, especially Kim, is significantly more boring on their own.) The only exceptions for me are her mother and Scott Disick; despite some redeeming moments in which they seem to truly love their families, Scott is a genuine asshole (he shoved a hundred dollar bill down a waiter’s throat once), and Kris is vain, controlling and selfish.

Even so, it’s adorable to watch the beautiful but mostly vapid Kim come to life when defending her mother, whom she very obviously has a special, close relationship with. It’s not for appearances, she’s the only one in the family who consistently reminds everyone to respect Kris and how hard she’s worked for them all. As much as I dislike Kris, most of the rest of her kids do (like most kids) seem to take her for granted.

Bruce Jenner, meanwhile, is kind of a grumpy, emasculated but beloved patriarch who does awesome things like take his kids to homeless shelters as a rite of passage, to teach them how spoiled they are (and oh yes–they are). This is something many parents probably vow to show their kids–you should see how the other half lives!–but most never do. Rob Kardashian argues with his sisters very similarly to the way my own younger brother argues with me (but about things worth a lot more money), which I find endlessly entertaining.

Meanwhile Kim and her sisters’ dedication to not hiding anything, even their most humiliating and private moments, from cameras is admirable even for people who are being paid for it. Individually, they are all just a bunch of brats from California; together they are a weird mix of big and very different personalities that truthfully are, as Kim says, “obsessed with each other.” Did I mention their kids are all adorable?

I might be biased because I have a weird fascination with watching how people in other social demographics see the world, but even aside from that I’ve decided I think the Kardashians have more personality and more connection to each other than most families seem to have. Hate them all you want, but they get something about unconditional love and the importance of family that I have long cherished in my own family and that I know not all family units are blessed with. It’s probably those values that are probably the only thing that helps them survive inevitable conflicts that arise when you live under the spotlight “literally” 24/7. Even if many of their gatherings are clearly staged, their bond seems very real … they’d need a hell of a lot of stamina to keep a charade like that up for 10 seasons.

Lastly I will say this: people may hate Kim K for being good at stupid ish like selfies, and saying “literally” too much, but we can’t front, she works longer hours and is under more career pressure than most people, celebrities included. And by her willingness to bare her ups and downs, her superficiality and also her idiotic moments, for all to see, she is more genuine than many of the intellectuals who criticize her fame.

I can’t believe I just wrote this much about the Kardashians. Don’t judge me. Lol

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