15/ 09/ 2014

Making the perfect work tote

I really wanted a large, white saffiano leather bag earlier this year and my mom got me this one (the Newbury Lane Cadene  from Kate Spade for my birthday in June:

The sides of the bag look more winged in person than in the photos, so it’s not just a square, and I love the stiff feel of the saffiano leather. It has two zipped compartments on each of the front and back panels. I’ve been using this as a work bag, and it fits all my notebooks, papers, my tablet etc. perfectly.

My one gripe about the bag though has been the lining. This is an older Kate Spade model (still available from some sellers, like on Amazon and in the outlet if you’re interested) and it has this colorful striped lining:

I don’t know if it’s just a seasonable preference thing and I’m just over these colors, but I don’t think I would ever enjoy neon-pink, electric blue, apple red, and that bronze-ish color together, ever. What I usually love about Kate Spade is that their collections always feature beautiful, vibrant color combinations and they’re usually really on point with these things. But this lining is so jarring, even more so since the tote itself is a stark white color.

Basically the bag stands beautifully and luxuriously upright on my desk and I love just looking at it when I’m sitting down and it’s at eye-level. Then when I stand up these neon stripes peaking through nearly blind me.

I’ve done some research on my options and I think what I’ll do is have the lining replaced by a good cobbler, like this one, which I’ve never used but seems to be recommended including by Kate Spade itself. I’ve gone to cobblers before to repair leather damage on bags, but never to replace the lining on a bag that’s practically new.

If I can get a really beautiful dark–maybe black or navy blue–lining in this bag, I think it’ll really be worth it. It’s really a great bag, and if you see it in person you’d see it LOOKS like it was made to be paired with a solid, or very subtly printed, rich muted color … not candy stripes.

I’ll let you guys know what happens!

2 responses to “Making the perfect work tote”

  1. LoveandFlats says:

    I love Kate Spade < 3 More power to you for a white bag!!

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