15/ 04/ 2014

More kicks!

I … couldn’t … resist …

I have long loved the way Nike Dunk Sky Hi’s looked on other people, but alas that style was never for me. I have proportionally short legs, so while wedge sneakers technically make me look taller, covering the curve of my ankles with high tops pretty much negates that added length. For this reason, I almost always avoid high top sneakers, though I love them. And while I own a couple pairs, they mostly sit on my shoe shelf like museum pieces because they’re beautiful–just not on me.

So along come the Lunar Elite Sky Hi’s … which were tempting because they feature a wedge, adding length like the Dunk Sky Hi’s, but don’t add bulk to the ankle area. On top of that, Nike launched a version with their triangular “metric” design in six colors inspired by different cities, and I fell in love. I was torn between the darker “Sao Paulo” design, which has such a striking iridescent and purple color way and of course features the name of my current city, and the gold and white London design, which needs no explanation … I mean, it’s gold.  So I was bad, and I got both.

If you like the gold ones too, bad news–they’re sold out from Nike. But this seller on eBay has several pairs left: http://www.ebay.com/itm/301151967845  Let me know if you get them, too!

PS: comment if you want to see a video on my sneaker collection!

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