13/ 03/ 2014

What Would Rihanna Do?

I just wanted to belatedly point out that the nouveau chic-princess herself, pictured in my post on breaking fashion tradition, took it a step further with some serious nipple exposure last month at Paris Fashion Week.

Unsurprisingly, the media jumped on it immediately. But in a sign of changing times (and perhaps Riri’s growing influence), instead of immediately condemning her they left it up to readers. “Is it seriously sexy or way too racy? Did she go too far this time?” one blogger questioned. (A narrow majority voted in support of the nipples.) A quick scan of my Facebook feed the following day showed that the majority of my friends loved the fashion statement as well.

If you are reading this blog with interest, chances are you agree with that majority. So my question for you guys, then, is not whether you support nipple exposure. It’s how do YOU push fashion boundaries? Or do you leave it up to those in the spotlight? Who are your modern-day fashion icons?

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