16/ 07/ 2013

Winter in Sao Paulo

It’s winter in Sao Paulo, which means on any given day you can see a person in shorts and a wife beater, a person in a leather jacket, and a person in a fur vest walking down the same street.

This is both the warmest winter climate I’ve ever lived in, and the coldest indoor temperatures I’ve had to endure. The mild winters here mean no heating, so it gets so cold in my apartment that I have to wear >gasp< long pants, long-sleeve shirts and fluffy slippers everywhere. I wear socks and carry a blanket around a lot, and am spending a lot more time in bed and on my couch. Normally, I like to wear as little as possible at home … What do I pay rent for if not the freedom of walking around barefoot in my underwear or nothing at all?

I’ve even considered buying a flannel PJ set … but no. I have to draw the line somewhere. I feel similarly about flannel PJs as I do about granny panties (see my video on that here: http://hoopshighheels.com/2013/05/13/new-video-grannie-panties/): that I should never wear them. I think I might make an exception one day though and lounge around in a santa-themed flannel outfit for Christmas. But it will have to be in a log cabin with a 7-foot Christmas tree, a fire place, and a jacuzzi.

Anyway, the BEST part of a mild winter is that it’s basically an extended fall, and I love fall fashion. So for several months a year, I can wear boots, leather, blacks and browns, experiment more with my makeup, bust out the jackets and blazers for layering, play with my scarf collection, you get the idea.

I’m trying to be good about posting photos of my outfits. I know for some people who may be reading it’s the opposite season! I guess I should start trying to write a little in Portuguese. Anyway to see what I’ve been wearing check me out on Instagram: hoopshighheels. Beijos!

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