08/ 06/ 2013

Blockbuster Nights

I miss Blockbuster. Maybe the kids these days don’t get it, but Netflix and Redbox will never be replacements for Blockbuster.

Having a Blockbuster night was really about enjoying a movie or three. You had to commit the time to it, and since it would set you back $5-$15, plus popcorn and candy, you usually did it with company.

The night would start way before popping in the movie. Going to Blockbuster and picking them out was half the fun. Would it be a themed night? An 80s movie marathon? A gangster movie date? A girly movie party? Did you miss how Keanu Reeves looked in Speed?

Maybe you were in need of string of romantic comedies to make yourself feel worse about a breakup or something. But then you spotted an old favorite sitting there in the aisle just waiting for you. Ohmigod! Remember the first time we saw that movie?! Or if you were watching with your boyfriend, it was an exercise in compromise. Ok, I’ll watch this if you let me rent that, etc.

Whatever it was that you wanted, all your best movie friends were there, waiting for you.

Netflix and Redbox provide none of this fun and excitement. You can watch some of the latest movies streaming on Netflix, but if you want to order anything else, you have to wait for it to arrive in the mail. What if you feel like watching Gangster movies tonight, but by the time your Netflix DVD comes to you in the mail you’d rather watch Disney Cartoons?

So for these reasons, I mourn the loss of my dear friend Blockbuster.  I no longer hold a grudge about all those late fees I paid when I didn’t bring my movies back in time.

In its place now I use Apple TV, which has a greater selection of movies you can stream instantly. You can rent the ones you don’t want to buy for $3-6. Not the same, but not bad. One problem is there are a bunch of movies, which I consider to be highly buyable and classics (don’t judge) which are still missing from Apple TV’s offerings, including Juice, 10 Things I Hate About You, Bridget Jones Diary and The Little Mermaid. Brown Sugar used to be missing, but was later added, so I’m hoping these other movies will eventually show up, too.

Anyway, I very randomly felt like watching The Little Mermaid today (I get into these moods sometimes). After realizing it’s not available to me, I started Googling for a reason why Apple would be missing this from their Disney collection, and stumbled upon this interesting list of origins for Disney classics: http://listverse.com/2013/02/13/10-disney-movies-with-horrific-origins/

I only knew some of these original stories, so it was enlightening. I may just salvage my night by picking up the gruesome rated-R versions of my childhood Disney favorites. Now if only Amazon/iBooks has them for download….

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