07/ 06/ 2013


I’m about to order some electronic hookah sticks! I just can’t decide on which–I don’t imagine there would be a huge difference in the products. They all function the same and (I assume) use the same technology (it’s vapor, so it’s not like you have to worry about tobacco quality). They are the same price, too … for all I know, they all come from the same OEM factory in China.


All of these brands have their own endorsements from different celebrities and Youtube personalities. So what it really boils down to I guess is flavor availability, packaging, and which vendors have the best track record.


I don’t smoke cigarettes, or anything for that matter except shisha, and I only ever do that when I’m out. It’s funny, now they these things are popular I can’t imagine why no one thought of it earlier … they made electronic cigarettes for unwilling buyers (smokers) who–let’s face it–were never gonna stick to then. Meanwhile there are bajillions of people everywhere who would love to have a puff of apple or berry flavor when they’re driving or on a break, and wouldn’t care at all if it came out of something colorful that looked like a toy.

If kids got into these and skipped the whole process of trying cigarettes, the world would be just a little bit better wouldn’t it? Of course, for all we know there are long term side effects from inhaling whatever chemicals are in this vapor … but it can’t be worse than burning tar and getting addicted to nicotine, right?

Hookah Portable

Anyone whose tried have a favorite brand/flavor?

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