01/ 06/ 2013

Camera Bags You Want to Use

I’ve been shopping for a girly camera bag, something I tried once a long time ago when I first bought my Canon EOS 30D. I bought it second hand from a friend, who generously threw in the camera bag. (When I say “generous” I’m not being sarcastic, I promise J! If you ever read this, thanks!)

But in truth it was an ugly, off-black rectangular canvas bag which was probably perfect for its purpose: to protect my camera. I hated it.

Being me, I took this as an excuse to shop for a camera bag I WOULD like … but I failed. At the time there were some camera bags advertised for women, and that basically meant ugly, gigantic tote bags in different colors. Those dressed up, but still ugly, camera bags were kind of like porn “for women,” a weaker version of the real thing with bells and whistles we did’t need, like soft focus, bad dialogue and slower wind up. Just … no. Thanks.

So the best I could do was wrap the camera up and stick it in whatever bag I was carrying for the day, or use a compact backup camera bag that only fit the camera body with a small lens attached. It makes me laugh now to think of how proud I was to find a black one with lavender zippers. Still ugly! So much so, that I left my camera behind more often than I wanted to.

Anyway, I’m about to finally upgrade my camera now and I see it’s a new era. There still aren’t a ton of styles to choose from, but there are several bag makers that have gotten some media attention over their lady camera bags, including EpiphanieKelly MooreOnaJo Totes, and my personal favorite, TheIt. There’s such a dearth of good designs out there that upon first glance every single one of these sites is a welcome sight for sore eyes … but after some deliberation, I did narrow it down to three that I’d actually wear out:

TheIt “Bossi” bag, which only has 3 variations on the same design:

the “Belle” bag by Epiphanie:

and “2 Sues” by Kelly Moore:

All are less than $200, have cross body straps, and I can see all working as standalone handbags. Only problem: the exact colors and styles I want aren’t available right now, and if I’m going to commit to one camera bag I really want to love it.

I was about to submit an order for the original Bossi, but then I came across some recommendations on blogs Boundless Beauty and Chic on the Cheap to give up on buying a camera bag altogether and opt for the $60 “The Roma” camera insert by Ona.

The insert is a little small, so I imagine it isn’t the ideal choice if you carry a ton of gear around. But for casual shooting I think their suggestions are perfect–it enables you to keep your camera protected in any large handbag … so why not save the cash you’d spend on one camera bag design when you can spend it on a new handbag or two, which can all be used to store your camera?

I’m still torn … leaning toward The Roma, or getting both the Roma and the Bossi as an early birthday present for myself. Any other suggestions?

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